RILEYS Rubber Antifatigue Mat 90cm by 60cm

Bubble-Top is a superior anti-fatigue rubber mat with beveled perimeters to help visually define the mat. This increases safety and reduces trip hazards while also being an extremely durable and comfortable floor mat. The mat has a bubble, or dome cell, structure that traps air in the subsurface and offers bounce back support which makes it a comfortable surface to stand-on.

  • Anti-fatigue mat ideal for industrial environments, workshops, garages, retail, and more.
  • Heavy-duty construction with bubble-textured surface, thick foam padding, and non-slip backing.
  • Helps reduce strain and fatigue on your body caused by standing long hours on hard surfaces.
  • Resistant to alkyds, acids, and many common oils.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean by sweeping or mopping with mild detergent.


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