SureSafety Arc Faceshield with Electrical Helmet

  • Complete Head Protection with comfort of wear.
  • Higher Impact resistance ensures higher Safety.
  •  Design ensures ease of wear and more Ergonomic comfort with special structure brim design.
  •  Chin strap ensures proper fitment ensuring higher Safety.
  •  Comes with adjustable Harness.
  • Certification Compliance ensures dependability of the product .
  •  Protection against possible Arc Flash accidents

Head protection is a must for every type of Manufacturing Facility. It is the basic need of any Industry or Field activity however big or small.
The Head, is most vulnerable to injury due to falling objects or unpredictable fall or bumps not only to those who are in Operations but all those involved in Inspection, Design, Field work or Workshop activities .The same is extended to by Civil personnel involved in Fire & Rescue, Traffic Management etc
‘Electrical Helmet with Arc Face Shield ’ are just the right helmets for protection where there electrical live wire related work especially in low light areas like electrical panels, overhead wires, ducts etc. the Helmet protects the Head while the Arc Face shield takes care of the possible ARC FLASH.

  • Electrical live wire works
  • Panel working , working with wires and cables in ducts
  •  Electrical utilities
  •  DISCOM .
  •  All electrical departments

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