Sysbel Industrial Wiping Cloth (SCF301B)

In the hospitality and food service industries, clean-up is no easy task. A strong, clean, wiping product with outstanding cleaning abilities is required, and it must be safe and exceptionally absorbent.
Sysbel industrial wiping cloths are strong, durable and very absorbent, absorbing 6X its weight in liquid, and they are perfect for soaking up big spills.

  • Soft to the touch,
  • Can be used repeatedly without tearing, Strong toughness and excellent wiping performance.
  • High absorption performance.
  • High dry and wet strength, used in combination with solvents to meet daily wiping needs.
  • Does not leave dust after rubbing.
  • Does not fade even after long usage.
  • Cleaning and wiping of liquid leaks, cleaning and protection of production equipment, maintenance and cleaning of workplaces.
  • Pass ROHS testing, professional quality.
  • FDA certified for direct access to food materials, silicone oil-free silicone certification.
  • It meets the sanitary standard of GB 15979-2002 disposable sanitary products.


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