NEBOSH Certificate in Health & Wellbeing

The NEBOSH Health and Well-being Certificate gives managers, supervisors and HR personnel the skills and knowledge to tackle health and well-being at work. The course will benefit companies in all sectors who are seeking to improve the efficiency and morale of their workforce. It is suitable for:

• General managers, supervisors, health and safety and HR personnel who have responsibility for, or involvement in, the health and well-being of employees as part of their day-to-day duties

What you will study?
Unit IGC1: Management of International Health & Safety

  • Introduction to Workplace Health

  • Effects of Health on Work

  • Effects of Work on Health

  • Management of Attendance

  • Management of Mental Health at Work

  • Workplace Health Promotion

  • Workplace Health Support

  • Management of People with Musculoskeletal Disorders

NEBOSH Certificate in Health & Wellbeing
NEBOSH Certificate in Health & Wellbeing

Unit ICC1: Managing and Controlling Hazards in International Construction Activities

The assessment consists of a 2-hr examination for NHC1 and a practical assessment for NHC2.